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What to Do When Your Washing Machine Floods

When a washing machine floods, water damage can occur quickly. There may have been a clog in the line or perhaps a water supply line burst. In any case, you may find your laundry room flooded and possibly other rooms of your home flooded too. When this type of accident occurs, it is important to act quickly to help minimize the damage. Once you have properly controlled the situation and made sure that the area is safe, you will want to call in a professional water restoration company to help restore your home back to its original condition. Here is a step-by-step look at what to do when your washing machine floods.

My Washing Machine Flooded. What Do I Do?

The average residential washing machine holds up to 30 gallons of water per load. Even Energy Star-rated models can hold 10 to 20 gallons at a time. When something does go amiss with your washing machine, all of this water can end up on your floor. If you are not home at the time of the incident or if you fail to notice that your washing machine has flooded, the damage could be quite extensive. It takes just moments for materials and belongings to absorb a large amount of water. Oftentimes, items that have suffered water damage must be discarded to avoid mold growth.

If your washing machine flooded, follow these simple steps to help protect your home.

Flooded Washing Machine

Cut Off the Electrical Supply

Water and electricity do not mix. If you can do so in a safe way, it is important to cut off the electrical supply to the flooded washing machine as soon as possible. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. First, do not press the “Cancel” button on the washing machine control panel as this may initiate the drain cycle which could cause the flooding to get worse. You do not want to pull the power cord from the wall as it puts you at risk for an electric shock. Instead, cut off the electrical power supply directly at the circuit breaker or fuse box.

Remove Laundry

Next, you will want to remove the wet clothes from inside the washing machine. How you do this will depend on the type of washing machine you own. If you have a conventional washing machine that loads on top, simply lift the lid and remove the wet clothes. If you have a front-loading machine, you may find that the door is locked. To release the door, it may be necessary to turn the timer knob to another position. As each machine is different, read the instruction manual to see how to safely unlock the door. Once the laundry is removed, wring out the clothes in a sink and lay out the clothes to dry until the washing machine can be repaired or replaced.

Inspect Area for Damage

The extent of the water damage from the flooded washing machine will depend on multiple factors, such as the amount of water, the type of floor you have in your laundry room and what other belongings are in the space. You may find that the water has seeped into the walls and subflooring, causing these materials to take on a spongy texture. If you have furniture and other items nearby, these belongings may have soaked up a lot of the water. Be sure to inspect the area carefully for damage and relay this information to your water restoration company.

Call a Professional Water Restoration Company

When it comes to water damage, it is important to work fast to minimize damage. Many belongings, such as clothing and furniture, can be saved if you remove them from the water quickly. You can also reduce the amount of water damage to your home by calling a professional water restoration company quickly to assess the damage and perform water damage restoration, water extraction and mold remediation services, if necessary. It takes just 48 hours for mold to start growing once water damage has occurred. Therefore, you want to start the restoration process as soon as possible to protect your investment and possessions.

Speak to Experienced Water Damage Restoration Contractors

While you never expect your washing machine to flood your home, it happens fairly often and the results can be devastating. To help keep the damage to a minimum, have a reputable water restoration company like Kingsley Water Damage Restoration, on speed dial. Available 24/7 to handle water damage accidents of all sizes, you can trust Kingsley to arrive at your home quickly to start the water restoration process. Kingsley Water Damage Restoration provides water damage cleanup Lexington, as well as serving clients in Fairfield, Lexington, Kershaw and Richland County, SC. For more information about what to do when your washing machine floods or to schedule an appointment, contact the water damage restoration experts at Kingsley Water Damage Restoration.

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