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Fire Restoration in Columbia, SC

If your residential or commercial property has suffered fire damage or house fire smoke damage, it’s natural to feel uncertain about the next steps before embarking on the restoration journey. Smoke, water damage, and fire restoration tasks are intricate, necessitating expert assistance to return your property to its pre-fire condition.

In the whirlwind of securing alternate housing, salvaging valued possessions, and initiating an insurance claim, the magnitude of the situation can seem overwhelming. That’s where the Kingsley Water Damage Restoration team steps in, among the top restoration companies.

Our trained fire restoration experts can provide a comprehensive estimate of the costs involved in your property’s restoration. Additionally, we have the expertise to handle clean-up tasks, odor removal, and ready your property for the installation of new flooring and surfaces. For those concerned about potential mold issues, our team is also skilled in mold remediation.

We know what it’s like to go through something as devastating as fire damage. That’s why our primary objective is to assist you in resuming life as usual – as swiftly as possible. Let Kingsley Restoration be your trusted partner in providing you with fire and cleaning services.

Fire Damage Restoration Services We Provide

We extend a comprehensive array of fire restoration services to alleviate the stress of managing your damaged property. You can trust our team of fire restoration contractors to stand by your side at every stage of your recovery journey.

Fire Damage Estimation

Fire Damage Estimation

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will visit your site to gauge the extent of the damage. Then, we’ll provide you with a clear understanding of what it’ll cost to restore your home or business back to its former condition – or better.

We’re also experience in helping with insurance claims to work closely with your insurance company, ensuring you gain access to all necessary services for thorough property cleanup and repair.

Debris Removal and Securing Your Property

Debris Removal and Securing Your Property

Our team is ready to assist with the removal of all debris from the property and secure it effectively until further work is initiated. We can establish a protective barrier around your home or business, guarding any intact areas from water intrusion.

Moreover, we will assess any potential health hazards associated with the cleanup process. Our proactive approach aims to prevent any future complications, making your fire damage restoration experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Water Extraction and Drying

Water Extraction and Drying

In instances where a fire was extinguished with substantial water or followed by adverse weather, it becomes essential to ensure that the remaining structure is effectively dried. Addressing and remediating mold is also a key step in the restoration process.

We offer comprehensive water extraction and drying services, employing a variety of techniques. We also take measures to seal your property, preventing further water intrusion and water damage ahead of any additional work.

Smoke Damage Control and Cleanup

Smoke Damage Control and Cleanup

Smoke can inflict extensive damage to a property, affecting both interior and exterior surfaces. You’ll need professional assistance to manage this smoke damage. Each member of the team is thoroughly skilled at cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring all areas impacted by smoke.

Plus, we’ll clean your ductwork as well as any other parts of your property that were affected by smoke damage during the fire. With this proactive approach, we’re able to ensure any health risks are mitigated to provide the most comfortable and safe environment upon your return. There’s a reason why so many put their trust in Kingsley Restoration.

Soot and Residue Removal

Soot and Residue Removal

We begin by removing soot and residue, which are byproducts of fire and can be harmful if left untreated. Next, all surfaces affected by fire and smoke are deep cleaned using specialized solutions that are effective in breaking down and removing stubborn particles.

Even after surfaces are cleaned, odor can linger. We employ advanced techniques and solutions to neutralize and eliminate odors caused by fire and smoke, ensuring your space is not just visually clean but also free from any lingering smells.

Insurance Collaboration and Evaluation

Insurance Collaboration and Evaluation

While our fire restoration team does not undertake construction work, we can assist in liaising with your insurance company to manage your restoration needs. We can help determine which parts of the structure can be salvaged and which require only remediation. We’re flexible to be as involved in this stage as you’re comfortable with.

Streamlining your insurance claim to secure funds and approval for restoration work is a service we pride ourselves on. We expedite this aspect of the restoration process for our clients at the earliest opportunity.

Final Inspection and Safety Check

After the cleaning process, a thorough inspection is conducted to ensure that every corner of your property is safe, clean, and ready for reconstruction.

Common Causes of Fire and Soot Damage

Fire and Soot Damage

Fire damage is a lot more common than you would think. An average of 358,500 homes experience structural fire each year (NFPA). More than 3,000 Americans die in fires every year (FEMA). Click here for fire damage statistics in 2023. Below is a list of the most common causes of home fire damage.

  • Cooking
  • Candles
  • Heating Equipment
  • Electrical
  • Smoking
  • Christmas Trees
  • Barbecues
  • Dryers
  • Children
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen Fires
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Chemical Fires
Our Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

24-Hour Availability for Fire Damage Cleanup

Understanding that fires and water damage don’t adhere to a set schedule, we offer round-the-clock support, every day of the year. Our team ensures you’re never without assistance during an unexpected disaster.

At Kingsley Restoration, we view our clients as partners and treat everyone with the compassion we’d extend to our own family. We fully understand how chaotic and difficult fire damage can be – whether it affected your home or business. That’s why our team works diligently to help you return to your regular routine as swiftly and easily as possible. If you need fire restoration services call us today at 803-590-0370.

Choose a Seasoned Fire Restoration Company Near You

Fire Restoration Company

If a fire has affected your commercial or residential property in Columbia, SC, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our fire restoration team. We’re always ready to provide immediate assistance – no matter the scale of the damage. You can trust us to assess the damage, provide a comprehensive cost estimate for complete repairs, and assist you through the homeowners’ insurance claims process.

Our team boasts years of experience in helping clients recover from disasters such as fires, floods, storm damage, and more. We also offer fire restoration in Lexington, Lugoff, Columbia, Irmo, Camden, Blythewood and throughout the Midlands region.

Contact us the moment something goes wrong. That’s the best way you can ensure you receive the support you’ll need to restore your business or home to its pre-disaster state. Our services are caring, prompt, and backed by extensive experience, aiding your recovery from a fire.

Our support extends throughout the year, 24/7, ensuring you receive the help you need to get back on track following fire damage. For more information or to schedule our services, contact us online or via phone at 803-590-0370.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Damage Restoration Near You

1. What kind of damage can fire cause?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were a total of 353,500 residential fires in the United States in 2021, totaling an estimated $8.85 trillion dollars in losses.

The impact of a fire extends beyond the immediate visible harm. Devouring everything in its path, the blaze often leaves a trail of smoke, soot, and water damage that can stealthily corrode your property, causing discoloration, structural instability, and unpleasant, lingering odors.

Safety comes first. After ensuring everyone’s wellbeing, reach out to your insurance company and an experienced fire restoration service like Kingsley Restoration. Stepping back into your property without a professional green light can be perilous due to unseen hazards.

Although the urge to regain control after a disaster is strong, handling fire cleanup solo is ill-advised. The aftermath of a fire often conceals hazardous toxins and unstable structures. Trained fire restoration professionals are armed with the necessary tools and knowledge to safely navigate these risks.

From a thorough initial evaluation to final restoration, the fire restoration process is a meticulous journey. It typically involves safeguarding the structure, extracting water and drying (if required), eradicating smoke and soot residues, sanitizing, and restoring. This comprehensive approach guarantees your property’s safe habitation.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely advisable to stay in your property while a restoration team works on your property. The risks and disturbances often outweigh the convenience. However, every property is unique – thus, each situation can be assessed on an individual basis.

The cleanup timeline can be as unpredictable as fire itself, varying based on damage severity and property size. A minor fire could see cleanup completed in a few days, while a larger blaze might necessitate several weeks, or even months. An accurate timeline emerges once the restoration team concludes their initial evaluation.

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