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Kingsley Water Damage Restoration is your local mold & water damage service expert in Cayce, South Carolina. We offer professional solutions with strong expertise for any water damage problems you may be experiencing. If the integrity of your home is compromised by water damage, it is important to act quickly and as soon as possible to dry and repair your property in the shortest amount of time possible. Get in touch with Kingsley Water Damage Restoration – our 24/7 emergency water damage contractors are ready to mitigate the water problem and restore your home to its preexisting condition.

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In the time of unpredictable weather or accidents, timeliness is a crucial factor regarding repairing sudden damage to your home or building. Water has the potential to be a powerful force and can drive the resale value of your property diving without notice. That is why our team of insured and certified professionals are ready to tackle even the toughest of water removal and drying assistance needed. As one of the top water damage specialists in Cayce, Kingsley Water Damage Restoration promises that you will be in good hands when you choose us for your water damage restoration needs.

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Water damage mitigation is the only industry we know of that asks you to sign a contract allowing us to perform all necessary restoration services without giving a cost upfront. This is standard practice in our industry. Because it is impossible to know how exactly how long a material will take to dry or if you have particleboard flooring that will have to be removed, we can only provide a ballpark estimate. Insurance companies understand this, as there are countless scenarios that will affect the end bill.

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We are a full-time water damage restoration specialists – carpet cleaners, plumbers, and many other industries are starting to offer water restoration with their services. Do not be fooled into thinking they can offer the same quality as a company that specializes in water damage restoration. We stick to what we know, and that is returning your home to pre-loss condition quickly, safely, and efficiently. At Kingsley Water Damage Restoration, we work with you from the minute you call up until the very last step of the restoration. In addition, our contractors will ensure total satisfaction by leaving your home in the same condition it was in prior to the accumulation of water damage.

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For more information about water damage restoration in Cayce, SC, or to receive emergency services, schedule an appointment with Kingsley Water Damage Restoration online or by phone at 803-590-0370.

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November 01, 2022 | Cayce, SC

The team was able to respond right away and help to locate the broken pipe that was causing the leak. Once the leak was stopped, the team went to work collecting damaged items and removing them from the home and using fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry out the impacted rooms in the home. The team also worked with the homeowner to document the problem to work with homeowners’ insurance for the claims process.

May 11, 2022 | Cayce, SC

The Kingsley team showed up and assessed the damage, and began work to dry out the rooms in question. Antimicrobials were applied to all surfaces that had been impacted, and containment was created to make a drying chamber for the kitchen and dining room. Kingsley was able to bill the homeowner’s insurance company and notify them that the claims process could proceed.