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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services in Columbia

24-Hour Water Damage Restoration Services in Columbia

When water damage strikes your commercial property, the clock starts ticking. Every moment that passes can dramatically increase your business’s overall liability and cost. That’s why immediate action is not only crucial, but paramount. At Kingsley Water Damage Restoration, we understand the urgency. Call us now at 803-590-0370.

Our Process
Immediate Response
Immediate Response

As soon as you contact Kingsley Water Damage Restoration, our dispatch system is triggered. We make it a priority to reach out to a decision maker, enabling us to start action on your project promptly. It’s this immediate reaction that sets us apart, allowing us to reduce overall costs and potential liability associated with prolonged water damage.

Damage Assessment
Damage Assessment

Before we plunge into remediation, we conduct a thorough assessment. Our trained professionals examine the extent of the water damage, the type of water involved, and the affected areas. This comprehensive evaluation forms the foundation of an effective and bespoke restoration plan. This is crucial in preventing further damage and ensuring no corner is left unattended during the restoration process.

Asbestos Testing
Asbestos Testing

Prioritizing the safety of your property, we conduct mandatory asbestos testing in compliance with OSHA and state regulations. Even if your building is relatively new, we never skip this step. Our experts collect samples carefully and send them to certified labs to ensure the analysis is accurate and dependable. If asbestos is detected, we arrange for professional asbestos remediation to ensure the safety of your property.

Water Extraction, Drying, and Dehumidification
Water Extraction, Drying, and Dehumidification

Armed with advanced equipment and techniques, our team begins the water removal process. We extract visible water and then use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to eliminate excess moisture from the premises. We also monitor the drying process, ensuring that your property reaches the industry-approved drying standards. This comprehensive approach is crucial in preventing the growth of mold and further structural damage.

Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cleaning and Sanitizing

Post drying, we perform thorough cleaning and sanitizing procedures to eliminate potential contaminants and odors. We understand the importance of returning your commercial space to a clean, healthy state, and our procedures are designed to achieve just that.

Why Work With Us?

Rapid Response

Our professional teams are always ready to respond, ensuring a decision maker is contacted immediately. We know that your in-house facilities maintenance crew, though skilled, may not be adequately equipped to handle substantial amounts of water. Therefore, we provide exceptional water damage mitigation services that take immediate control of the situation to prevent further losses.

Safety & Compliance

For your safety and in compliance with OSHA and state regulations, we conduct comprehensive asbestos testing on all commercial buildings, regardless of the year of construction. We recognize the importance of this often overlooked yet crucial aspect of water damage restoration. This testing ensures that your employees, tenants, and customers are not exposed to potential health risks associated with asbestos.


One key element of our approach is transparency in billing. With larger projects, you might find our billing structured around time and materials, as opposed to standard line item estimates. Why? Simply because each project is unique and requires a tailored approach. To aid your understanding and planning, we provide our pricing sheet upfront, so you know exactly what to expect.

Professional Dedication

At Kingsley, we believe in a tried and tested workforce. If we ever employ temporary laborers, rest assured they’ve undergone a stringent vetting process. This guarantees that every individual working on your property meets our high standards of professionalism, skill, and integrity.

Ready to Restore?

Don’t allow water damage to halt your business operations. Partner with Kingsley Water Damage Restoration to ensure a smooth, efficient, and comprehensive restoration of your property. Contact Us today and allow our experts to convert your water damage crisis into a restoration success story. Your business deserves nothing less.

Commercial Water Damage FAQs

Commercial water damage can occur due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, pipe bursts, plumbing leaks, HVAC issues, natural disasters, and even simple human error, like leaving a faucet running.

It’s critical to act immediately when dealing with water damage. With each passing hour, the damage can become more severe, potentially leading to increased cost and liability. At Kingsley, we advise reaching out to professionals as soon as you detect water damage.

While it might seem feasible to dry the area yourself, professional restoration services have the right equipment and knowledge to ensure that not just visible water, but also hidden moisture, is thoroughly eliminated. This reduces the risk of mold growth and further structural damage.

Our asbestos testing involves collecting samples from your property and sending them to a certified lab for analysis. If asbestos is detected, we’ll arrange for professional asbestos remediation to ensure your property is safe.

The duration of the restoration process can vary depending on the severity and extent of the water damage. At Kingsley, we strive to perform our services swiftly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

This depends on the extent of the damage. In some cases, partial operations might be possible. Our goal is always to minimize disruption to your business while ensuring the restoration work is thorough and safe.

For any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Kingsley Water Damage Restoration. We’re here to help you navigate through your water damage restoration process with ease and confidence.