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Are you experiencing water damage in your Kershaw County home or business? If the answer is yes, you must act quickly! You could run into issues with mold, discoloration, and even structural damage if the water is not taken care of promptly. Kingsley Water Damage Restoration is the area’s premier water restoration and mold remediation company and as soon as we arrive on-site, we can begin mitigation. Our contractors are IICRC-certified in water damage mitigation and restoration and are properly licensed and insured. For many years, Kingsley Water Damage Restoration has helped members of the Kershaw County community with emergency water damage restoration and mold remediation services. Let us work with you to mitigate the water leak or flood, as well as remove any excess water to prevent further damage.

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Water Damage Restoration Process in Kershaw

The Water Damage Restoration Process in Kershaw County, SC

The structural materials used during your home’s construction such as drywall and wood, and personal items like carpets, furniture fabrics, and draperies will quickly absorb water during a water intrusion. Shortly after the water makes its way into your home, a musty odor will develop. Our expert water technicians will use moisture detection equipment to search for and identify any areas or personal items affected by water, even in hard-to-find places like inside wall cavities or under different types of flooring. Our team of experts will extract as much water as physically possible and then set up low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers and high-volume air movers to evaporate and dry any remaining moisture. In just a few days, your home will be returned to its original condition and your life will return to normal, with no secondary damage – and best of all, no concerns about mold.

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What to Do When You Need Water Damage Restoration

When you need the assistance of an emergency water damage restoration company, how do you know which company to call? When your house is flooded and your largest investment is being ruined, the first thing you should do is to shut off the main water supply immediately. Do not panic – call a plumber and a water damage restoration company. The plumber will work to fix the pipes or plumbing that is causing the leak, and the restoration contractors will actively remove the water and prevent absorption on surfaces such as concrete, wood, carpet, and drywall.


Choosing the Best Possible Contractor

When inquiring about a water damage restoration company, you should first check their rating with the BBB and see if they are accredited and/or have open complaints. Ask if will let you see the final bill before it is submitted to insurance. Check with them to confirm that they are fully insured with a pollution liability (mold) policy. Are they a locally owned restoration company, or are they traveling far Do they offer a warranty, and is it a craftsmanship or product warranty? What kind of reviews do they have, and are they legitimate? What is their normal dispatch time frame? How long will it take for them to arrive?

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Why Choose Kingsley

We know that when you have a disaster, the last thing you need is an unreliable or inexperienced restoration company. That is why we hold our technicians to the highest industry standard to ensure that we can stand by our restoration jobs each and every time.

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No other water damage restoration company in or around Kershaw County offers this kind of dependable, professional service! We do not try to “sell” you on water damage restoration – instead, our goal is to provide you with the best possible assistance in the event you actually need it. Allow us to relieve your worry about the water damage in your home. As a member of the community, Kingsley Water Damage Restoration guarantees you top-flight service and an honest price. For your no-obligation inspection and quote, call us at 803-590-0370 or schedule an appointment online today.