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What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration helps clean up the damage done by floods, heavy rains, and other types of damage. It includes the process of water cleanup from beginning to end, including the removal of water, drying of items and structures, and moving restored items back into the area. This process can help homeowners and business owners recover more quickly from the damage that water can cause and prevent further, more expensive damage from taking place. Here’s a closer look at the various terms related to water damage restoration to help you better understand the process and what it entails from beginning to end.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

Water Remediation

Water remediation is another term for water damage restoration. It includes the same process of cleanup, removal, drying, and restoration of property. The process typically begins by draining any standing water from the area, then dehumidifying the space and removing any sewage water, toxins, chemicals, or other contaminants left behind. The property in the area, such as furniture, can then be restored and put back where it belongs. Whether it’s called remediation or damage restoration, the process can effectively resolve water damage and restore your property to its former strength while reinforcing it against future instances of potential water damage.

Water Removal

Water removal entails cleaning the area to be restored and draining it of all water. Professionals will use specialized equipment to complete this process, including truck mounts, commercial-grade dehumidifiers, and high-velocity air movers, to take all the water out of the area and begin the drying process. If water is removed without drying the area, mildew, mold, and other health hazards can still take hold. The moisture can also weaken walls and floors, causing further damage in the future if it is not resolved quickly enough. Drying is therefore an essential part of water removal and should not be skipped or delayed for too long.

Water Extraction

Water removal is also known as water extraction. No matter the term, water extraction also allows for the removal and drying process so that additional restoration can be performed. This part of the water restoration process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of water in the area. A water damage restoration specialist can be able to provide you with more specific information about the timeline to expect for your unique situation. This stage must be completed before the structure can be fully repaired and protected against further potential damage.

Water Mitigation

During water mitigation, the damage caused by the water will be reversed and further damage will be prevented. This can include repairing floors, walls, furniture, and other items that the water affected. In severe cases, it may entail repairs to cracked building structures and foundations, which are more costly but necessary to ensure the structure’s stability. Like water extraction, this stage can take more time if the damage is particularly extensive, or if any items were damaged in smaller ways when the water entered the building. Prevention, meanwhile, can include caulking, leveling land, and other measures to reduce the impact of water on the property. With the right reinforcements, any future incidents will ideally have less of an impact and can be repaired more quickly.

Flood Cleanup

Finally, the restoration process ends with flood cleanup. When floodwaters move indoors, they are often contaminated with bacteria, dirt, and possibly even chemicals. This requires professional help to resolve, as failing to properly clean the property can cause illness and lingering health effects thanks to the contaminants left behind from the water. A water damage restoration specialist will sanitize the area after removing water from it using specialized solutions and equipment, then continue the drying process if necessary. Sanitization ensures that no harmful substances remain after the water is removed, helping to keep occupants safe long after repairs to the building itself have been made.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

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