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My Basement Flooded, What Do I Do?

When your basement floods, panic sets in. Not only do you need to get all of the water out of your house, you also need to protect your property — from your personal items to the actual structure of your home. Instead of worrying, it’s time to be proactive to remediate the problem. Follow the steps below to have your basement cleared out, mold removed, and your basement restored in record time so that you can return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

When dealing with a basement flood, a few initial steps can ensure that water restoration specialists will be able to clear the space out quickly and safely, thus restoring your home to its original condition. Here’s what you should do if your basement floods.

Basement Floods

Do Not Enter Your Basement

Your first instinct will likely be to rush downstairs and save valuable items or to begin bailing water out of the basement. However, this is a bad idea, so resist that urge. Entering a flooded basement leaves you open to hard falls from slipping in the water. It also makes you vulnerable to illness. When water enters your basement from the outside, it can carry bacteria, debris, and other unpleasant substances along with it. Even water from a burst pipe may not be totally safe to step in. Flooding could therefore cause serious health concerns, so don’t touch the water if you don’t have the proper safety gear.

Contact Water Damage Restoration Specialists Immediately

Water restoration specialists are trained in the safest, fastest ways not only to remove water from your basement, but to repair the damage left behind as well. The specialists will drain standing water from the area, dehumidify the space, and remove any sewage or other toxins left behind using specific equipment. They can then begin the drying process. When drying is complete, water remediation specialists will repair floors, walls, furniture, and other damaged areas and items before installing preventive measures to avoid a similar flood in the future. They will also sanitize the area so that it is healthy and safe for you to return to.

There are numerous benefits in hiring a water remediation specialist. These professionals have the proper equipment to safely and quickly remove water from an affected area, helping to avoid contamination and illness. They also have the equipment needed to efficiently dry the area, which helps mitigate the appearance of mold, mildew, and other material that can cause breathing issues. Specialists will not only identify and repair damaged areas of your home, they will also install preventive barriers, such as caulking, leveled land, and sealant to ensure that your basement will not flood again. Many homeowners who try to repair their basements themselves miss these important steps or take longer to complete the process, leaving their homes open to the possibility of more extensive damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you notice the flood, contact your insurance company and begin taking pictures of the damage. Your homeowner’s insurance or flood insurance policy will help you pay for the cost of hiring a water remediation specialist so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for this unexpected event. Insurance may also help pay for replacement furniture, electronics, and other personal property if they are beyond repair. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the sooner you will be able to access those funds.

Repairing Your Basement

Hiring a water damage restoration specialist covers almost everything you need to do when your basement floods. These experts will remove the water from your home, dehumidify and dry the area, sanitize it to prevent mold and other health risks, and repair the damage left behind before adding preventive measures to your home. Once these steps are complete, the only thing that you will need to concern yourself with is working with your insurance company to receive compensation for the services. Working with a water damage restoration specialist is therefore the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to return your basement to its original state and protect your home from future floods.

Contact The Water Damage Restoration Specialists

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