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Areas served in Richland County: Columbia, Dentsville, Eastover, Forest Acres, Hopkins, Lake Carolina, Pontiac, St. Andrews

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Mold is not always visible, and therefore it can be extremely difficult to determine whether you have mold in your home or not. At Kingsley LLC, we offer mold testing and inspection services to homeowners in and around Columbia, South Carolina. When you call our office, we will send out a certified contractor to perform a mold inspection, as well as collect a sample of the mold for testing. Kingsley LLC is a leading mold remediation company that works to reduce any potential health risks to families and damages to their homes.

Mold Inspection & Identification

Everyone who lives in Columbia understands the climate most of the time – hot and humid. Since mold needs moisture to grow, it has unfortunately become prominent in the area, especially in buildings with moisture issues. Before our mold testing services in Columbia, SC, we always perform an initial inspection. Our licensed and insured contractors will begin the inspection by conducting a thorough analysis of the moisture in your home. When we determine the areas of high moisture, we will then investigate all possible areas that mold can be present. After identifying all areas of the mold, including any spores, Kingsley LLC will proceed with the mold testing to sample the mold and analyze it in a laboratory.

Our Mold Testing Process

Kingsley LLC begins the mold testing process by performing a swab or tape lift, depending on the type of mold identified, to collect a sample. Our team will also collect a sample of the air by attaching a cassette to a specialized pump and pulling air through the cassette. We then secure the samples and transport them safely to our laboratory where they will be analyzed by professionals. After we have successfully determined the type of mold that was present in your home, we will send you a detailed report and information packet. This will contain details about the type of mold, as well as any potential risks it may have presented to your family, pets, and home.

While the CDC does not require mold testing when performing remediation, it is important to understand the potential impact the mold can have on your health. Some types of mold can carry spores that can become airborne and lead to severe illness. By turning to a top mold remediation company in Columbia, you can rest assured that your mold problem will be taken care of.

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When it comes to the safety of your family, Kingsley does not hesitate, and neither should you. If you suspect there is any mold in your Columbia home, or can easily spot signs of mold, reach out to us immediately. Here are some of the primary reasons you should work with us for mold inspection and testing services:

Our certified professionals are ready to assist you and your family the minute you contact us. Furthermore, we will ensure that the mold is properly identified to provide you with accurate and helpful information. To learn more about mold testing services in Columbia, SC, or to get immediate assistance, schedule an appointment online or by phone at 803.590.0370 today.


What Our Customers Say