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Reviews for Kingsley Water Damage Restoration

  • Comment: I had seen a Kingsley van driving through my neighborhood, the awesome one with flames on the side of it. I had flagged the driver down, this is how I met Dante, asked him about a spot of concern in my bathroom that had appeared to be mold. He offered to swing by and take a look for me. I was impressed that he had stopped and took time to speak with me but when he offered to take a look I was blown away. He actually found more issues while looking through the house that I would never in a million years noticed. He did a mold test and gave me a very fair estimate on site for doing the work. Showed me on his meter that my home was reading wet all over the place 😢. If I do go through with this service I hands down will not go to any other companies. Between Dante on site and Kendria in the office who I spoke with just briefly about a few concerns with the age of my home. I feel like no one can go wrong with trusting Kingsley as your water, mold and fire restoration company 5 stars all day.
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