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Who’s Responsible for Water Damage in South Carolina Apartments?

Regrettably, water damage is a familiar problem both homeowners and renters may confront. The outcome can be destructive making the property unlivable and lasting damage could occur to personal possessions. When water damage happens in an apartment, whether you reside in cold-weather, expensive New York, or sunny South Carolina, you need to understand who’s accountable for the cost of damage. The property renter or owner?

Responsible for Water Damage

Renter rights

Water damage can come at you from left field, so it’s imperative to understand both your renter rights and who’s responsible for what when it happens. Generally, a landlord is accountable for maintaining their property, confirming the apartment is habitable and up to code. If the landlord refuses to make repairs or fails to address them promptly, it could cause additional damage such as mold. In the U.S., basic codes on tenant rights exist and identify the person or persons responsible for damages. Rent details can differ so check with your local South Carolina housing authority.

Review your lease

You need to know what your lease says about property damage. Most properties have insurance that lists what sort of damage is covered and what’s not. The lease should have information about water damage that will answer the following questions:

  • If the damage is severe and the apartment is no longer habitable, is the tenant still required to pay the rent?
  • Can the landlord evict the renter or can the tenant cancel their lease with no penalty?

Usually, if the damage is negligible, the tenant can’t cancel the lease agreement. If the terms concerning property damage aren’t in the lease, talk to your landlord about who’s liable if water damage strikes.

Renters insurance

Accidents are unpredictable which is why renters’ insurance is essential. The majority of owners require you have it before letting you move into an apartment. Renter’s insurance coverages can vary from damages to the building, personal contents and might even cover the price of housing while repairs are being done. But make sure your plan includes replacement costs to get the most bang for your buck.

Landlord responsibilities

The landlord’s responsible for the maintenance of an apartment so that it’s livable. The repair of plumbing like sinks, toilets, and tubs falls on their shoulders. Failure to repair and maintain them may lead to property damage which the landlord would be liable for due to negligence.

Damage to property and personal belongings

Water damage to a building itself such as flooring, walls, and utilities should be part of a landlord’s property insurance. Personal property damages are paid for by the party at fault, which can be either the landlord or the tenant.

How we can help

Water damage necessitates a quick response to lessen loss to both the property and belongings. Kingsley Water Damage Restoration are experts at water damage restoration in South Carolina apartments of all sizes no matter extreme the damage. Our team of experts will evaluate the damage and put together a plan to restore your property and contents. Contact us at 803-590-0370 to learn more about our water damage clean-up services.