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What to Do if a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Having a pipe burst in your home can immediately induce a sense of real panic. Most homeowners begin worrying about the damage caused or the expense of fixing it. And this situation can cause a great deal of stress. Try not to worry, though. This unfortunate situation can be resolved quickly and effectively by trained professionals. There are a few steps you can proactively take before they arrive to help minimize the damage. So, here’s what to do if a pipe bursts in your home.

What To Do After A Pipe Bursts

Water Pipe Bursts In Home

If you have the unfortunate job of dealing with a burst pipe, here are the steps you should take to prevent further damage. Be sure to call a professional water damage specialist as soon as possible for further assistance, and be sure to get help removing particularly valuable items from the immediate area while you handle the following tasks to avoid damaging irreplaceable property.

Turn Off The Water Main

The water main in your home can typically be found under the kitchen sink, in your basement, crawl spaces, or in other suitable areas near the water heater. If it is not located inside the home, it is likely found under a metal lid on your property near the street. Turning off the water main stops the flow of water and helps stop the leak caused by your burst pipe. After turning off the water main, you can drain the pipes by running cold water through all of your faucets and flushing each toilet once. Then turn off the hot water heater and drain the hot water supply as well. This simple process makes it easier for professionals to perform the necessary repairs to your home.

Locate The Broken Pipe

Next, search for the exact location of the break in your pipe and inspect the damage. A major pipe will take more time and effort to replace because of the amount of water it holds and the other pipes to which it is connected. On the other hand, smaller pipes can typically be patched more quickly. Understanding where the damage is and the extent of it can also help you provide more information to the professionals who will be helping you fix the plumbing. They can provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost of the repairs.

Hire A Plumber To Fix The Pipe

Though smaller repairs can typically be made by handy homeowners, securing the services of a trained plumber can give you greater peace of mind. A plumber will use their knowledge and experience to fix the pipe quickly and reinforce it to prevent further damage, helping you save both time and money in the long run. It will also save you the stress of trying to figure out how to make the repairs yourself, which can become a costly task if you lack the proper experience. A plumber can also educate you on ways to avoid burst pipes in the future and examine the rest of your plumbing if you’d like to identify weak areas before they can break.

Call Water Damage Restoration Specialists

If your broken pipe has caused any flooding or standing water within your home, call a water damage restoration specialist to help return your home to its usual state. A specialist will drain the water from your home, dry the area, and repair the damage caused by the water. This can be as simple as patching up floors and furniture, or as complex as restoring cracked building structures. Water damage restoration specialists will also sanitize your home, destroying bacteria and chemicals that may have entered the area along with the water, thus keeping your family safe and healthy.

Contact Your Insurance Agency

Finally, get in touch with your insurance agency to get financial help for restoring your home. Take photos throughout the entire process, from the moment the pipe breaks to the cleanup process and the final result. This step will ensure that you will receive the maximum amount of money for your repairs. Your homeowners insurance is there for situations just like this, so be sure to get the financial assistance due to you instead of paying for the entire repair process on your own.

Get In Touch With The Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Speak to the water damage restoration specialists at Kingsley Water Damage Restoration for more information and to schedule your water damage restoration service. The company’s experienced technicians are experts in water damage repair and mold remediation services. They have a long history of supporting homeowners in the Columbia, South Carolina, area. Kingsley understands the importance of timely repairs when a pipe bursts, and they are committed to restoring your home as quickly and professionally as possible so that your home feels comfortable and safe once again.