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Do You Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valves Are

Do You Know Where Your Water Shut off Valves Are

Most of us are probably glad to get home after a long day of stress at work, fighting traffic, and running errands. Because home is where our heart is. It’s our sanctuary from the world and we take it for granted that everything will work just as we want it to – until it doesn’t.

A breakdown in your South Carolina home could be something simple like a burnt-out lightbulb, something not so simple such as an appliance that stops running, or something more catastrophic, such as when your plumbing breaks or fails or a water-fed appliance like your dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater springs a leak. Then you may be facing severe water damage.

It’s astonishing the amount of water damage that can result from a plumbing or water line break and the speed at which it happens. And that’s if you’re home at the time. Now imagine you’re away when the break occurs. Until it’s stopped, water would continue to spread throughout your home for hours or even days, causing water damage to floors, walls, and many of your possessions.

This is why if a pipe or water-fed appliance breaks in your home or business, the first step that must be taken is turning off the water source! This might be a shutoff valve that’s specific to an appliance, such as below a sink or behind an appliance or toilet. But if these don’t exist or you have a plumbing breakage elsewhere, you’ll need to turn off the main water valve that supplies your home or business.

If you’ll be leaving for an extended time, be proactive and turn the main water valve off before you leave. This is a small but vital act that can, once again, save you tens of thousands of dollars in water damage to your home or business.

But unfortunately, few South Carolina property owners bother to learn where their emergency shut-off valves are located. But this simple piece of knowledge can keep much of your property from being ruined and save you thousands (and thousands) of dollars in water damage restoration costs.

3 Ways to Find Your Water Shut-off Valve

  • Look for it on the inside perimeter of your home since water first enters your house there. It’s likely on the side of the house facing the street as that’s where the water main is located. (Note: This is standard when connected to a municipal water supply, but well water can enter the house from any side.)
  • Find the valve in your property inspection report. Look in the plumbing section to locate the shut-off valve and see a picture of the valve.
  • Find the streetside shut-off valve. Look for a valve located inside your water main that should be found at the boundary line of your property near the street or sidewalk, called a curb valve. This metal or plastic box will be at ground level. If you’re unable to turn it off, call the water company and their staff may instruct you how to do so or send someone out to do it for you.

Supply a friend or trusted neighbor with this information and a key to your home so that in an emergency they can shut your water supply off if you’re away.

Whether you’re at home or not, should disaster strike and a burst water pipe or failed appliance leaves your South Carolina property a soggy mess, FIRST SHUT OFF YOUR WATER VALVE, then call on the water damage professionals of Kingsley Water Damage Restoration for any water damage event. Trust our team to help with emergency water mitigation, cleanup, and restoration of your home or business.