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What Is Mold Remediation?

Though they are often used interchangeably, mold remediation and mold removal are not the same thing. Removal typically refers to the simple process of taking out and cleaning mold in affected areas. While it does solve the problem of having mold in your home, it does not prevent future growth or guarantee the safety of your home. Remediation, meanwhile, is a longer and more involved process that can have important benefits to your house and your family that should not be overlooked. This process not only removes the mold, it also helps mitigate regrowth.

Before remediation begins, the affected area must be contained to prevent mold spores from becoming airborne and spreading to other areas of the home. Proper ventilation and the use of air filtration devices is necessary as well. Next, the area can be cleaned and disinfected. Wet and mold-damaged items will need to be removed, while non-porous materials, the flooring, and the walls can be cleaned with a detergent and moldicide solution. A HEPA vacuum may be necessary in most cases.

Mold Remediation Services

When Do I Need Mold Remediation Services?

Mold remediation services may be necessary in several circumstances. If you have a large area of visible mold in your home, remediation will get rid of it and prevent it from growing back. Not all mold may be easily seen, however. Changes in the air quality, a musty smell, unexplained respiratory illness, and property deterioration may all be signs that mold is growing in your home and needs to be remediated.

There are several causes of mold in the home. High levels of moisture, particularly during hot and humid weather, provide ideal conditions for mold development. Mold can also grow if your home has recently flooded and was not properly cleaned and dried afterwards. If you have experienced a burst pipe or flooding from a nearby water source, carefully monitor your home to identify and remediate mold related changes as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Mold Remediation

Mold remediation brings several benefits for your home and your health. Visible mold can be smelly and unsightly, damaging the beauty of your home. Remediating the mold issue returns your home to its original appearance, making it a more welcoming space for friends and family.

Mold can also damage your home’s structure. Because of the moisture mold retains and its ability to feed off insulation and other materials, mold can significantly weaken your home. This leaves it vulnerable to more extensive damage that will need to be repaired later. Timely mold remediation services can help you avoid expensive repairs and dangerous damage to your home.

In addition to home damages, mold can also have a negative impact on your health. Mold can make breathing more difficult for those with asthma and allergies, but it can also impact the health of those with no preexisting concerns by causing respiratory illnesses. If you have children or elderly loved ones in your home, mold remediation can help protect them from getting sick.

Finally, mold remediation is the best way to ensure that mold does not appear in your home again. Thanks to a thorough removal process, which includes drying and disinfecting the area, you can be sure that the mold will not return once it has been taken out of your home. This helps you worry less about the state of your home and also ensures that you won’t be spending more money for another round of mold removal later.

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Getting mold out of your home before it worsens is critical. Speak to the mold remediation specialists at Kingsley Water Damage Restoration, for more information about the benefits of mold remediation for your home. Kingsley understands the importance of fast remediation services and can provide safe, professional, and affordable remediation to clients in the Columbia, South Carolina, area. In addition to mold remediation, Kingsley can also assist with emergency water extraction, water damage restoration, mold testing, and more. The firm operates a 24/7 hotline to help homeowners resolve emergencies and pressing issues as quickly as possible, returning your home to its usual safety and comfort.