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It’S Spring Cleaning Time For Property Managers

Winter is finally over! But with warmer weather comes a whole new set of concerns and projects for South Carolina property managers. It’s spring cleaning time! Since there’s so much to do, we’ve helped by creating a checklist so you’ll have a better handle on what needs to be done. While some of these tips are not strictly seasonal, they’re good reminders of the maintenance you should be doing on a regular schedule.

Property Cleaning

Reconnect with Your Tenants

Send an email newsletter to tenants that provide helpful maintenance tips but do it in a helpful and considerate way. Don’t tell them what to do. Rather, offer helpful spring cleaning tips, such as cleaning their windows and doors to remove winter soil buildup. A newsletter is also a great way to remind tenants about the things they’re responsible for maintaining.

General Maintenance – Outside

General maintenance jobs such as the following are especially important in springtime:

  • Maintaining landscaping
  • Cleaning and repairing drainage systems
  • Checking the roof for leaks or problems
  • Ensuring all doors lock properly
  • Checking for cracks in the caulk
  • Checking the fire system

These things should be done throughout the year, but it’s helpful to add them to your spring checklist.

General Maintenance – Inside

Now’s the time to replace batteries in smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide sensors. This should be done twice a year, so schedule them for the first day of spring and the first day of fall. Also, change all HVAC filters. Replace pleated air filters every 90 days. The older the filter, the more dirt, dust, and allergens are trapped, clogging the filter and decreasing its efficiency and the life of the unit.

Check that all appliances at the property are properly maintained and in working order. They need regular maintenance and cleaning to last as long as possible. Be sure you arrange all maintenance work according to what’s outlined in your lease agreement to prevent any problems or miscommunications.

Stock Up on Supplies

Many items turn up missing or damaged when you turn over a property. Others are often requested by tenants. So, stock up on critical supplies such as A/C filters, light bulbs of several wattages, various screws and fasteners, faucet aerators, water filters, showerheads, and water heater heating elements.

Revise Your Budget

People move most frequently during springtime and early summer months, so set your budget and calendar for additional carpet cleaning appointments, painters, paint and supplies, as well as general maintenance on move-outs. Cleaning or replacing everything that needs to be turned over in your South Carolina can add up. Furthermore, the costs of supplies and services change each year. So, update your budget and operating costs appropriately.

Plan for the Future

You always want to provide for your tenants the safest possible environment. Part of ensuring their security is having a solid disaster preparedness plan in place. As a property owner or manager, it’s one of your biggest responsibilities.

Now is the time to contact the water mitigation pro’s at Kingsley Water Damage Restoration. They’ll help you set one in place. They are your South Carolina go-to contact whether your property suffers water or fire damage, storm damage, sewage backup, mold infestation, and more.