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Water damage of any kind can be a devastating event. At Kingsley LLC, our water damage experts are always ready to help whenever an unexpected water loss takes place in your home. No other water damage restoration company in Lake Carolina can match the kind of dedication and professional response to homeowner emergencies that Kingsley LLC provides.

When you reach out to us, we will send out a contractor within the hour to determine which water damage restoration services your home or building needs. Our professional services include sewage cleanups, mold testing and remediation, and water removal from basements or crawl spaces.

Lake Carolina Water Damage Restoration Services

When your home’s structural items like drywall and wood or personal possessions such as area rugs, carpets, furniture, and drapes are damaged by water, a quick and cost-effective solution provided by Kingsley LLC can save the day.

Our expert water technicians are equipped with moisture detection equipment, which enables them to search for and identify any areas or personal items affected by water. This equipment even allows them to detect damage in hard-to-find places like inside wall cavities or under different types of flooring.

Our team of experts will extract as much water as physically possible and then set up drying equipment to remove any remaining moisture. In just a few days of drying, your home will be returned to its original healthy condition, and your life will return to normal.

The water damage restoration process needs to be started right after water damage for best results.

The Kingsley Team Works With Different Kinds of Clients

Kingsley LLC can work with residential and commercial clients, which means that water damage, fire damage restoration, and estimates can be offered at all kinds of different properties. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help with water damage or water restoration at your South Carolina home or business.

Mold growth can start right away if mold prevention is not begun. We seek to get the water damage process begun as soon as possible in affected areas. Wet carpet needs to be attended to, mold remediation needs to be started, and water leak issues need to be sorted out.

What to Do If Your Home is Flooding in Lake Carolina

In the event that your home is flooded, or is on the verge of flooding, the very first thing you should do is shut off the main water supply Then, you must make three phone calls back-to-back. The first should be to a plumber, the second to a water damage restoration company, and the third to your insurance. The plumber will be able to identify and fix the source of leaks in the pipes, plumbing, or drainage to immediately stop the running water.

When the restoration contractors arrive, they will begin actively removing the water from your home, followed by preventing water absorption in any damaged areas. You should wait to call your insurance company until normal business hours, as most carriers will not answer phones outside of the business day. However, you will want to notify them of the damage as soon as possible.

How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company in Lake Carolina

When looking for a business that offers water damage restoration in Lake Carolina South Carolina, check their rating with the BBB to see if they are accredited and if they have open complaints. Ask if they offer thorough inspections and estimates and if they will let you see the final bill before it is submitted to insurance.

Check with them to confirm that they are fully insured – including pollution liability (mold). Are they a local restoration company, or are they traveling far? Do they offer a warranty, and is it a craftsmanship or product warranty? What kind of reviews do they have, and are they all 5-star? What is their normal dispatch time frame? How long will it take for them to arrive? Want to know if water damage could add value to your home? Click here.

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Superior service, dedication, and outstanding attention to detail have earned Kingsley LLC more than one hundred 5-star reviews from members of our community. We have an A+ rating with the BBB. Allow us to assist you when you have a water loss in your home.

If you need to access the water damage restoration process in Lake Carolina immediately, reach out to us by calling or scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. We will arrive at your home or office building within the hour.

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