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September 12, 2022

Who’s Responsible for Water Damage in South Carolina Apartments?

Regrettably, water damage is a familiar problem both homeowners and renters may confront. The outcome can be destructive making the property unlivable and lasting damage could occur to personal possessions. When water damage happens in an apartment, whether you reside in cold-weather, expensive New York, or sunny South Carolina, you need… Read More

August 24, 2022

Septic Backups – Why Only Professionals Should Clean Them Up

Whether you’ve smelled it while driving by a spill or you’ve had sewage from a septic backup in your South Carolina home or business, the stomach-churning odor of raw sewage is hard to forget. Unfortunately, the terrible smell isn’t the worst of it. A raw sewage backup or overflow from… Read More

August 3, 2022

How to Learn if You Live in a Floodplain

The topic of floodplains leads to many questions. Although one study estimates that up to 41 million Americans live in flood zones, many of those homeowners are unaware of it until they experience significant water damage. So, how can you tell if you live in a floodplain? This article… Read More

July 20, 2022

7 Dangerous Reasons Not to Ignore Water Damage

If you experience water damage in South Carolina, it’s no big deal. Right? After all, it’s only water. But water is known as the universal solvent for a good reason – because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. That includes major structural parts of your home or… Read More

July 13, 2022

5 Crucial Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

If you own a South Carolina home, water is one of the major threats to its structure and its contents. After all, houses contain a complex web of plumbing that runs to your faucets, showers, bathtubs, dishwasher, clothes washers, and other things. So a burst pipe could be a major… Read More

July 6, 2022

3 Signs of a Broken Pipe in Your South Carolina Home

Sometimes a plumbing problem in your South Carolina is obvious; like when it’s raining from the ceiling – and you’re on the bottom floor. Or when a small river starts seeping from under your bathroom door. But at other times, broken or damaged pipes aren’t quite so obvious. But they… Read More

June 22, 2022

Can You Paint Over Water Damage?

Water damage can be frustrating, even if it’s just a small water stain or a small leak. But before you think about painting over a stain to cover it up, you need to first ask yourself how it got there. While painting over water damage might seem like a good… Read More

January 15, 2022

DIY Water Damage Cleanup

Have you ever watched a magician perform the disappearing water trick, where water is poured into a cup, the cup is turned over and nothing comes out? It’s as if the water magically vanished into thin air! (Spoiler warning: sodium polyacrylate, the material within disposable diapers, is first placed in… Read More

January 8, 2022

Water Damage Could Add Value to Your Property

Water Damage Could Add Value to Your Property Property damage from water, mold, and storms can feel overwhelming. In fact, while going through a disaster, it’s tough to find an upside. But water damage restoration could increase your South Carolina property’s value in the long run. It comes… Read More

December 18, 2021

9 Tips To Avoid Frozen Pipes

You may often hear the sounds of snap, crackle, and pop from a fireplace or your breakfast cereal, but you never want to hear those noises from the water pipes in your South Carolina home or business. They could be a sign of a breaking pipe, and once one ruptures,… Read More