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When homeowners in Hopkins are threatened by mold, Kingsley LLC is the best company to reach out to. Our mold removal specialists respond promptly to calls and are certified in mold remediation. If mold develops in your drywall, bathrooms, carpets, or basements, we will safely and effectively reduce your mold problem. Mold is easily disturbed and can be spread throughout your home with slight air movement and through HVAC systems – therefore, it is important to leave mold removal in the hands of a licensed and insured contractor. Our team will determine how to safely contain the mold, prevent it from cross-contaminating unaffected areas, and then remove it completely.

Hopkins Mold Testing and Removal

Mold remediation has two major components: testing and removal. Simply put, mold testing is the process of sampling and analyzing the species of mold to ensure it is not dangerous. There are many different types of mold with varying degrees of toxicity – therefore, it is important to understand this information to protect your and your home in Hopkins from risk. Mold removal, on the other hand, is the subsequent process involving ‘trapping’ and containing the mold, physically removing it, and preventing the growth of new spores. During the removal, affected areas such as drywall are thoroughly cleaned until it is decontaminated. Our mold remediation experts guarantee a testing and removal process that is completely safe for everyone residing in the home, including pets.

Kingsley LLC Mold Remediation Process

We begin the mold remediation by identifying and reducing any excess moisture, water leaks, or unusually high humidity levels. This is because mold is accustomed to these environments and require plenty of moisture to support growth. Once the location of the mold is identified, our mold removal experts will capture, control, and reduce the movement of any mold spores by establishing effective containment. After containing the mold, we physically remove the mold and all materials contaminated by it.

When the mold is completely removed, we clean the affected areas with a multi-stage cleaning plan, during which we ‘wash’ the air inside and outside of the affected areas using HEPA-rated air cleaning machines. In addition, our team will sample the mold and send it to our laboratory, where it will be analyzed by a professional. A detailed report will be sent to your family with information about the mold, its level of potential risk, and how to prevent the mold from appearing in your home again.

Speak to Emergency Mold Remediation Specialists

If you frequently experience cold-like symptoms in your home, or detect strange odors in certain rooms, these are tell-tale signs that mold is present in your home. Do not hesitate to seek professional mold remediation services, as the mold can spread and become airborne, leading to higher risks for your family. Here are just some of the reasons why Hopkins residents frequently turn to Kingsley LLC:

Even if you are unsure of whether mold is present in your home, you should not wait to call. Mold is not always visible, and therefore you should not attempt to examine the area you believe that mold is living in. Kingsley LLC will get the job done in a timely and professional manner to grant you peace of mind knowing you will no longer have a mold problem. For more information about Hopkins, SC mold remediation services, contact us by phone at 803.590.0370 or schedule an appointment with us today.

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What Our Customers Say