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Mold is easily displaced and can be spread throughout your home with very small amounts of air movement. Therefore, it is best to leave mold removal in the hands of a licensed and insured professional. Kingsley LLC provides mold remediation services in Forest Acres, SC to protect homeowners in the area from dangerous mold exposure. Our certified mold removers work promptly in order to assess the problem and draw up a remediation plan. We will determine the most efficient and safe way to both contain and remove the mold, as well as examine the mold to ensure it does not present any health risks. Kingsley LLC is committed to helping homeowners restore the healthy integrity of their homes while providing excellent customer service.

Forest Acres, SC Mold Testing and Removal

Our contractors perform mold removal services to reduce any health risks that families may face, as well as damages that may be done to their home. There are thousands of different types of mold with varying degrees of toxicity dangers – that is why we perform mold testing to ensure families are safe following removal of the mold. When you call Kingsley LLC, you are guaranteed to have an outstanding experience working with our professional mold remediation experts. The 24/7 emergency mitigation crew at Kingsley LLC will perform a removal process that is completely safe for you and your family. Our contractors in Forest Acres will restore your home to its original state before the growth and accumulation of mold.

The Mold Remediation Process

We will begin the mold remediation process by identifying and reducing the sources of moisture – water leaks, or areas of high humidity. Our mold remediation experts will then establish a plan to capture, control, and reduce the movement of any mold spores in your home. After containment is achieved, we physically remove the mold and any materials contaminated by the fungus.

Once the mold is removed, we clean the affected areas through a multi-stage cleaning plan using HEPA filtration clean air machines. During this time, we will securely transport the mold to our laboratory where it will be analyzed by professionals. At the end of the remediation process, our team will send your family a detailed report containing information about the mold, its level of risk, and how to prevent it from reappearing in your home.

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Mold is not always visible, and therefore it can be difficult to determine that you do have a mold problem. If you feel listless and congested, experience watering eyes while in your home, reach out to our Forest Acres, SC mold remediation contractors as soon as possible. Read more about why you should work with us in the event you need mold removal services:

When it comes to mold, you should never wait to seek help as the problem can only get worse over time. If you need mold remediation services, do not hesitate to contact Kingsley LLC. You can schedule an appointment through our online form or by calling us at 803.590.0370. Ensure the safety and protection of your family today!

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What Our Customers Say