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Kingsley LLC offers professional mold remediation services in the town of Dentsville, SC. If you discover mold anywhere in your house, we work to identify and remove the mold as fast as possible. Our licensed and insured contractors perform mold treatments with proper equipment and care, meaning we will get the job done and restore your home to its condition prior to the accumulation of mold. We are committed to serving Dentsville by performing mold remediation as soon as the next business day after receiving a call, as well as offering a 24/7 emergency mold removal service, providing immediate relief and support.

Dentsville, SC Mold Testing and Removal

There are many different types of mold found in molds, and each has different types of hazards – therefore, Kingsley LLC works to collect various samples of mold, analyze them in a laboratory, and determine if the removal should be done immediately or cost-effectively. Since it is easily disturbed and will easily spread throughout your home, mold remediation requires a professional to get the job done right. Our certified mold removal experts will safely and efficiently remove mold from your home in Dentsville to prevent further growth and possible damage to your home and your family’s health.

How We Help to Get Rid of Your Mold

We being the mold remediation process by identifying and reducing any excess moisture in your home. We understand that Dentsville can get very hot and humid – and we will work to tackle moisture issues at the source. Then, after locating the mold and any potential growth points, we will develop a custom remediation plan to capture, control, and reduce the amount of mold spores. After verifying that the mold is well contained, we will physically remove it and any other materials or items contaminated by it.

After we have determined your home is completely free of mold, we clean the affected areas using a multi-stage cleaning process. While our remediation is ongoing, we continually “wash” the air both inside and outside of the contained areas using HEPA air filtration devices. During this time, our team will also analyze the mold in your home and send you a detailed report to ensure your family is safe. The report will include data about the mold, as well as ways you can further prevent the mold from reappearing in your home.

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Mold is not always visible. It can be difficult to determine if you do have a mold problem. If you feel listless, congested, experience watering eyes, or detect offensive odors while in your home, these can all be indications of the presence of a mold infestation. If you suspect any type of mold in your home, don’t wait – reach out to us as soon as possible. Here are some of the primary reasons to work with us:

We have an A+ accreditation with the BBB, as well as over fifty 5-star reviews from our clients. In addition, we work tirelessly to ensure total satisfaction for our clients. For more information about mold remediation, schedule an appointment with Kingsley LLC online or by phone at 803.590.0370 today.

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