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January 17, 2023

Insurance and Water Damage Claims – What You Need to Know

Water Damage Claims in South Carolina If your South Carolina home or business experiences water damage, action is required immediately. If left unattended for even a short period, FEMA informs us that mold and mildew can start growing within 24-48 hours. Filing water… Read More

August 8, 2022

How to Limit Water Damage from Summer Storms

Summer in South Carolina has begun, which means higher temperatures along with higher humidity. Summer also means strong storms in our area which can cause flooding and other water damage on your property and/or in your basement. But if you take the time to prepare for storms, you can protect… Read More

August 3, 2022

How to Learn if You Live in a Floodplain

The topic of floodplains leads to many questions. Although one study estimates that up to 41 million Americans live in flood zones, many of those homeowners are unaware of it until they experience significant water damage. So, how can you tell if you live in a floodplain? This article… Read More

January 15, 2022

DIY Water Damage Cleanup

Have you ever watched a magician perform the disappearing water trick, where water is poured into a cup, the cup is turned over and nothing comes out? It’s as if the water magically vanished into thin air! (Spoiler warning: sodium polyacrylate, the material within disposable diapers, is first placed in… Read More

January 8, 2022

Water Damage Could Add Value to Your Property

Water Damage Could Add Value to Your Property Property damage from water, mold, and storms can feel overwhelming. In fact, while going through a disaster, it’s tough to find an upside. But water damage restoration could increase your South Carolina property’s value in the long run. It comes… Read More

May 28, 2020

How to Tell When You Need Emergency Water Extraction Services

When faced with a burst pipe, flooding or any other emergency in the home involving water, it is important to act fast. The longer that you allow water to sit in your home, the more costly the damage will be in the end. If you have recently experienced water intrusion… Read More

May 25, 2020

How to Dry Out a Basement Fast

There is nothing worse than walking into your basement only to find that it has flooded. While some basements are naturally damp, certain problems can arise that cause your basement to become more wet than usual. When this happens, items in your basement can get damaged, mold can start to… Read More